Biscuits, cakes and bread from Coeck
You can order various sweet and savory delicacies. When you order them two days in advance, I will bake them especially for you. Ideal to present them at tea or coffee time or for a brunch.

A few samples:
Lemon meringue tart, different kinds of chocolate cakes, almond tart, fruit tarts, apple pie, crumbles, cheese cakes, the true French macarons, shortbread, petits fours, lemon drizzle cake, ginger bread, lavender cake, coffee cake, focaccia, brioches, ryebread.

When you find it difficult to choose your cake, please come and visit me for a better selection after a tasting. I can also make a tailor made cake: a birthday cake, a children’s cake, etc.

For orders or more information, please contact Coeck.