Cookery & pastry classes
At Coeck you can follow cookery and pastry lessons. This can be a sole cookery class or a serie of cookery class on a monthly base with your own group. You will learn to prepare a delicious 3- or 4 courses meal and of course to present it well on a plate. So you will be able to cook a well balanced menu and to prepare it at home another time.
We will use as much as possible fresh herbs and vegetables, biologically grown or from the kitchen garden, meat and fish locally reared from Waterland.
Coeck is equipped with a professionaly equipped kitchen and the cooked menu will be savoured in the same room. Coeck is located on a house boat with a beautiful view on water and grassland. With nice weather we will be eating al fresco in the garden. A cookery lesson consists of maximum 10 students.

Samples of cooked menus

Pastry lessons
Coeck specializes also in pastry and chocolate. Making a delicious cake, pudding or chocolates will be easy after a sweet lesson at Coeck.
Under guidance of the chef you are going to produce several cakes or chocolates. You can opt for a single workshop or a monthly lesson with different themes.
Samples of lessons: making chocolates (two different lessons), French cakes, how to work with puff pastry or bladerdeeg, biscuits, petits fours, puddings, etc.

Please look for more information at the agenda or please contact Coeck.

There is also a possiblity to book workshops on a monthly basis.