Who is Coeck?
Cooking has always been my passion. Since 2000 I cook professionally. Therefore I went to France and followed my cooking education in Avignon. In order to obtain the hands-on experience. I gained experience at several French Michelin star restaurants, I worked at Régis Marcon in the Auvergne (3 Michelin stars). Later I did a traineeship at Jacques Maximin (Provence) and L’Arnsbourg (Alsace).

Back in Amsterdam I worked for restaurant Halvemaan and Christophe. Then I started to work on a freelance basis to teach cookery lessons at Amsterdam cookery schools. I have specialized in pastry, bread and chocolate as i worked in France on various pastry departments of restaurants. Now I still teach pastry and chocolate lessons at Unlimited Delicious.

Cooking and travel
Cooking and travel are a good combination. On a regular basis I have traveled to the Scottish Hebrides to cook on the idyllic island Colonsay. There I enjoy using vegetables from the kitchen garden, locally reared meat and fish from two miles away. Also I cooked for the French ambassador in The Hague.
Mediterranean cooking is my preferred kitchen. Use of olive oil, fresh produce, herbs and citrus fruit. Of course, I used to live two years in Provence and there I have learnt to cook according to the seasons. I try to go as often as possible to Spain and Italy. I speak those languages as well and that helps to have a look in the kitchen.

Culinary writing
I contributed to several culinary publications: Bouillon, the Culinaire Almanak and I was responsible for the recipes and texts of the Côte D’or chocolate book.

Broek in Waterland
On my boat in Broek in Waterland I can really thrive on the culinary part: a professionally equipped kitchen, a garden to grow my herbs and vegetables and a beautiful countryside in Dutch Waterland. I hope sincerely to share my cooking passion with you. Please do not hesitate to pass by for a cookery lesson, dinner, order of biscuits, cakes or a bread.